Announcements - August 1, 2021


  • Bible Study on Wednesday - 7pm. Dr. Judd will teach


  • There will not be a drive through appreciation event that was originally planned for August 14th


  • Pastors Appreciation Service - Sunday, August 15th during 10am service outside. We are asking all members to bless our pastor with a love offering.


  • Church Conference will be held after service on August 15th

    • Topics: 

    • Re-entering the church

    • Church budget

    • Revival

    • Bishop's appreciation 

    • Winter planning meeting


  • Annual conference - this week!

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

  • Erlaine Harris - August 13th

  • Pastor and Ms. Dee Harris Anniversary August 12th

  • Alfreda Partridge - August 20th

  • Frances Judd - August 9th

  • Tavion Jordan - August 20th

  • Lisa Leach - August 16th

  • Robert Murphy Jr - August 15th

  • Jessie Smith - August 20th

  • Taneesha Judd 8/13

  • Johnny Norman 8/22

  • Jonta Steel 8/23

         We also have set up Givelify so that members can electronically pay their  tithes and offerings. Download the Givelify app on your mobile device and  set up your account to make easy electronic payments.




In order for your announcement to be printed on Sunday it must be received by Kelly Medlin no later than 5:00 pm on Friday. Any announcement brought in on Sunday from an individual, another church or any organization should be given to Kelly Medlin for approval.






  • Tye Logan

  • Milton Richardson

  • Bobby Hawkins

  • Cynthia and James Kimber

  • Janice Hooker (Bro-in law passed a few weeks ago) Gene Jefferson

  • Mary Wray

  • Mary Seymour

  • Mary McDonald

  • Vera Cross

  • Dorothy Nesmith

  • Beverly Douglas

  • Peggy Bowden

  • Jewel Marks

  • Mary Norman

  • Tiffany Robinson

  • Edna Cross

  • Sharon Gunter



  • Raymond Lassiter family

Prayer List Update

Add to this list by emailing our church secretary, Kelly Medlin or giving her a call at 919-776-8062. Provide the following information:


  • Name of person to be updated or added

  • Prayer request or update

  • Your name & how you know this person

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