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About us


We are a place of liberation, refuge, reconciliation, and restoration where the sovereign favor of God is manifest and the people are transformed into the image of Christ from Glory to Glory.


On August 22 in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Sixty Eight a group of men became dedicated to building a place of worship.


They organized as Trustees and purchased one and one half acres of land from Mr. Ruffin Prince. These men consisted of the following: Bob Dennis, Edward Prince, Andrew Yarborough, Green Haleman, and Squire Cross.Within two years they built a church and gave it the name of Prince Chapel in honor of the man from which the land was purchased.


On September 11, 1873 the same one and one half acres of land was transferred to the newly elected trustees. They were Squire Cross, Daniel Marks, Handy Cross, Samuel Thomas, Marshall Ragland, Marshall Barham, and Henderson Nash. On December 26, 1882, Mr. Ruffin Prince and wife S.A. Prince transferred the adjoining one and one half acres of land for burial ground.


Ministers that served during this time were Jones, Burnette, Roberts, Prichard, Floyd, Ridley, Ragland, and Woods. On August 1, 1927 an agreement was made for digging the church well between Reese Marks and the then current Trustees. The Trustees were as follows: A.D. Ragland, Anderson Cross, Young Prince, P.D. Cross, Young Judd, Wesley Judd, and Ben McDonald.


Additional Church Repairs / Improvements


  • Choir loft was erected - Rev. A.L. Sinclair (1929)New Roof /Brick Siding - Rev. G.M. Griffin

  • Began tradition of church anniversary - Rev. J. O. Markham

  • Began building fund/Purchased Pulpit furniture & new carpeting - Rev. J. H. Cotton

  • Church was brick veneered, added two rooms & purchased new pews - Rev. J. L. Durden

  • More pews, heating & cooling System, initiated plans for a Fellowship Hall - Rev. H.W. Isaac

  • Completed planning & construction of Fellowship Hall - Rev. J. Isaac

  • Planning & construction of new church building - Rev. C. Jones (1999)

  • New floor, new heating, new cooling and new cabinets for Fellowship Hall - Rev. C. Jones

  • Purchase of first church van - Rev. C. Jones



History of Prince Chapel CME Church Pastors




Rev. W.F. Jones

Rev. A.L. Sinclair

Rev. Burnette

Rev. Crisp

Rev. Prince

Rev. C.H. Reid

Rev. J.W. Roberts

Rev. H. Lee

Rev. Pritchard

Rev. H.W. Wheeler

Rev. Floyd

Rev. D.S. Ray

Rev. Floyd

Rev. D.S. Ray

Rev. Woods

Rev. J. Markham

Rev. H.P. Rogers

Rev. J.H. Cotton

Rev. J. Griffin

Rev. J.L. Durden

Rev. S. Womack

Rev. J. Isaac

Rev. J.J. Ridley

Rev. C. C. Jones

Prince Chapel CME

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